Are Roller Shutters Any Good for Garage Doors?

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Are Roller Shutters Any Good for Garage Doors?

16 January 2023
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Roller shutters are practical and secure for all sorts of doorways. They can be used in both commercial and domestic settings to shut off a doorway and access to the property beyond it. Whether this is a front door, a back door, a set of French doors or a garage door makes little difference. The only factor that you need to take into consideration with garage doors is that they tend to be a little wider than conventional doorways. That said, both single and double garages can have their current doors replaced with a set of roller shutters. Why would you choose this option rather than fitting normal garage doors?

Gain More Space

To begin with, a roller shutter needs very little space to be installed. The slats of these sorts of shutters separate from one another when they're rolled up and can turn in on themselves. As such, a rolled-up shutter takes up little garage space overhead, unlike an up-and-over garage door panel which needs much more room. Equally, roller shutters can be dropped down vertically without extending outwards. This means you can park your car right against your garage on the drive without having to leave a gap for the door to open and close.

Secure Your Garage Against Intruders

One reason why many people prefer roller shutters for their garage is that they are very hard to prise open. This isn't the case with all garage doors, especially traditionally hinged ones. That's why you will see so many shutters of this type being used at commercial premises which aren't manned overnight. Once the slats lock into one another, they're very difficult to force apart.

Prevent Bugs and Dust From Getting in

When a roller shutter is deployed properly, it will make a good seal within the runners on either side from the top of the garage's doorway right down to the floor. This will prevent insects from flying in and causing a nuisance. In addition, dust and sand won't be able to get in which can cause damage to vintage cars and other high-value items you might have stored inside.

A Low-Cost, Elegant Solution

Compared to some of the garage door options that are on the market, a roller shutter installation is likely to cost a good deal less. This is because these shutters are made to standard designs and merely adjusted to the required width. The economy of scale involved means that they're inexpensive. Nevertheless, they look good once they're fitted and can be powder coated with a pleasant, uniform finish, too.

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