Simple Things to Consider in Garage Door Maintenance

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Simple Things to Consider in Garage Door Maintenance

6 October 2017
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Garage door maintenance is often ignored. However, there are certain things that when considered, the door should roll without much trouble. There are specific basic garage door service issues that one can do even without the help of a professional as discussed below.

Ensure that everything is lubricated

If you are looking forward to having a long life and the best functioning of the garage door, then lubrication must be part of the garage door maintenance list. Lubrication needs to be done each month and to all parts including the rollers, hinges, bearings, tracks, and pulleys. After wiping every of these parts clean, it is necessary that the 3-in-1 oil is applied on the parts as well.

Removal of Rust

Even though most of the garage doors are made of steel, it is necessary that regular treatments are executed to aid in rust prevention. The process must be done as soon as possible. Removal of rust can be done using steel wool.

Lubrication of the Garage Door Opener

As part of the garage door maintenance, lubrication of the entire length of the chain or drive screw must not be ignored depending on the type of garage door opener that one is using. Lubrication is a critical issue in garage door service as it ensures that everything moves efficiently.

Checking Weather Stripping

If you are interested in having everything sealed and in better shape, weather stripping has to be an integral part of the garage door maintenance. Weather stripping is checked along the door sides. In case it is jamming then adjustments have to be made. In instances where it is looking somehow worn out then replacement is advised for the garage door maintenance.

Doing Eye Test on Torsion Springs

Checking torsion springs is a significant process in the garage door maintenance schedule as it helps in establishing whether a spring is worn out completely. In case the springs are nearly worn out, it is important to contact a garage door service professional to replace it.

Executing the Reversal Test

The garage door must have a reversing feature, failure to which the replacement has to be initiated. To test whether a door has this feature, there is need to find out if there is balance by fully opening the door and then placing a half inch piece of wood on the floor at an equidistant position. If the door fails to reverse even after striking the wood then garage door maintenance is necessary.