How to Choose the Best Exterior Roller Shutters for Your Home

I am not the most sound sleeper and I need to make sure that my bedroom is very quiet. Unfortunately we live in a loud area so I have been working on the different ways to reduce the amount of sound in my home. One of the best improvements I had in the noise levels in my bedroom happened after I changed the door to my room. This blog shows the types of doors that you can install in the home to improve soundproofing and should be useful for anyone who is looking to upgrade their doors to give them a more peaceful sleeping experience.

How to Choose the Best Exterior Roller Shutters for Your Home

4 December 2017
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Roller shutters are a great choice for any home, as they can help block more light and sound than standard inside window treatments, and they also offer protection for your home's windows in the event of a storm. There are many different options you have for roller shutters when it comes to their material and overall design, so note a few tips on how to choose the best type for your home's needs in particular.

For sound insulation

If your home is near a busy roadway or school, or even if just one side of your home faces a noise distraction, consider shutters that will block this sound. Metal may simply create an echo and not do much to keep the home's interior quieter, so opt for a soft plastic material instead. Plastic will help to absorb soundwaves and keep them from passing through the windows, making the home's interior much quieter.

For security

If you want added security against intruders, wood and plastic are not the best options, as these soft materials can be cut or broken somewhat easily, with a simple pry bar. Aluminium shutters may also be too lightweight to offer much security for a home's windows, so opt for stainless steel instead. Note, too, that you'll want shutters that lock into place, so that they cannot be forced open by someone on the outside of the home.

Storm damage

If your area often suffers hurricanes or hailstorms, wood and aluminium are both poor choices for roller shutters, as these materials can easily dent when hit with debris. Vinyl and steel are better options, and aren't likely to chip, scratch, bend, or dent even when hit with hail or flying tree branches. These materials also won't fade or discolour when exposed to heavy rains, so they're good for tropical areas or anyplace with strong and frequent storms.

For appearance

If you want roller shutters to substitute for inside window treatments and don't necessarily need protection from storm damage or intruders, consider natural wood shutters. The wood can be painted or stained any colour, so that the shutters work as an accent for your home's exterior style. A contractor can also build a soffit, which is an enclosure over the top of the shutters housing, to hide it away and make the shutters look more cohesive against the windows.  They might then resemble standard hinged shutters when closed, and completely disappear when opened, offering the most attractive look for your home's exterior.