What Are the Advantages of Installing Frameless Glass Shower Screens

I am not the most sound sleeper and I need to make sure that my bedroom is very quiet. Unfortunately we live in a loud area so I have been working on the different ways to reduce the amount of sound in my home. One of the best improvements I had in the noise levels in my bedroom happened after I changed the door to my room. This blog shows the types of doors that you can install in the home to improve soundproofing and should be useful for anyone who is looking to upgrade their doors to give them a more peaceful sleeping experience.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Frameless Glass Shower Screens

17 July 2020
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Every homeowner wants an outstanding home, and one of the rooms that is often targeted for renovation projects is the bathroom. While the bathroom may not require a lot of decorative attention, the area that receives the most attention is often the shower curtain. In many Australian households, shower screens are used instead of shower curtains. If you want to replace your shower curtain with a shower screen, it is best to go for a frameless glass shower screen. Here are some of the top advantages of installing frameless shower screens.

Customisable Screens

Customisation is one of the most significant benefits of getting frameless glass shower screens. Shower curtains and framed glass shower screens are limited to specific designs and sizes. Frameless shower screens can be customized to fit any kitchen design.

When you are renovating your shower, you might find that the shower design is not part of the rest of the bathroom. You will have limited space and the challenge of incorporating shower doors or a shower curtain. This challenge can be surmounted by installing frameless shower screens. The contractor will design a frameless shower screen that complements the design of your bathroom.


Framed shower screens provide breeding grounds for micro-organisms. These screens need to be cleaned regularly. Additionally, the framed metals rust easily, making it challenging to clean the screens thoroughly.

Frameless shower screens are easy to clean. The screens have a whole glass unit that does not develop soap scum or stains because they are not porous. Furthermore, there is no room for disease-causing agents to hide, making these frameless models very hygienic.


Framed shower doors appear bulky because their edges are covered in metal or some other form of a seal. Additionally, when the frames on these screens rust, the shower screens look bad, making the bathroom appear neglected. On the other hand, frameless screens look feather-light and give your bathroom a clean and fresh look.

Since frameless shower screens are pure glass without any bulky frames, it's almost like looking into a fish tank. This gives these screens a beautiful appearance. Moreover, if your bathroom has gorgeous tile designs, the frameless shower screen can help highlight it.


The age of using shower curtains in your home bathroom is slowly fading. Many Australian households are embracing shower screen designs for their bathroom. Framed shower screens have become particularly popular because they are customisable, they are hygienic and they improve the bathroom's aesthetics.

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