Top Reasons to Install a Glass Shower Screen in Your Shower

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Top Reasons to Install a Glass Shower Screen in Your Shower

20 October 2021
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There are different ways that you can set up and install your shower. You can go with a traditional shower with a shower curtain, or you can choose a full glass shower. Another option is to have a standard shower built (e.g. tiles) and to then put in a glass shower screen. You may find that this is your favourite option for installing or improving your shower for these reasons and more.

Keep Your Costs Down

If you're in the process of installing a shower, you might be concerned about how much your project is going to cost. For example, you might be concerned about installing a full glass shower, since as you might already know, installing a full glass shower can be quite costly. You can keep your costs down on glass by installing a frameless shower screen since only one piece of glass is going to be needed.

Give Your Shower a Clean and Modern Look

If you're wondering why you should choose a glass shower screen over a regular shower curtain, you should know that many people consider shower curtains to give bathrooms a cluttered and outdated look. Many people like the look of a glass shower screen because it's very streamlined and modern. Plus, it makes it possible for you to show off your shower, which you might want to do if you have nice tile work in the shower or if you otherwise really like the look of your shower.

Make Clean-Up a Breeze 

Cleaning a shower curtain can be a big hassle. If you have a framed glass shower, then you have to worry about cleaning multiple pieces of glass on the inside and out, and you also have to worry about soap scum and other types of debris getting stuck in the frame. If you have just one glass shower screen in place, and if you choose a frameless shower screen, then you should find that clean-up is really easy.

Prevent a Mess in Your Bathroom

Of course, one thing that you might be worried about is water splashing out of your shower and making a mess or causing water damage in your bathroom. Luckily, when properly sized and set up in the right place, a glass shower screen can work very effectively at preventing a mess in your bathroom.

As you can see, if you're in the process of working on the shower in your home, consider installing a shower screen. There are professionals out there who can help with installing a nice shower screen so that you can enjoy these benefits and more.